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Jenn Vix

Though she was born in Providence, Rhode Island, she spent her teen years in New York City. She now resides in NY.

Vix performed in a one-off band, singing back-up, along with singer Nicole Willis from The Soul Investigators, Adam Horovitz of The Beastie Boys, Phil Painson and David Strahan.

Her first solo release was a self-titled album of 8 tracks, on her own label, Umbrella, which was officially released in January 1995, through New York based distributor; Dutch East India Trading Co.

In 1998, it was sold exclusively through CDBaby.

She got a positive response when her album was reviewed in Rolling Stone Magazine. The Second release was "Hope Springs Nocturnal." Officially released in October 1998; incorrectly listed as 2000 on AllMusic; It is a longer release of 18 tracks. The Third release was titled "3" and it has 10 tracks. It was released on Nov 1, 2003, to rave reviews.

In 2010, Jenn Vix released a single track titled "Vampires", and it was exclusively made available at CDBaby. It's now available at all retail and streaming sites.

On January 24, 2012, the fourth release of a single track, titled "In the House of Dark Shadows", was released. It is a collaboration track with Reeves Gabrels, former guitarist for David Bowie and Tin Machine; current guitarist of The Cure.

In 2012, Vix released a single track titled “Sick” on March 14, and then a year later she released a sixth single titled "Speed Of Light", it was the second collaboration with Reeves Gabrels. The release date was April 22, 2013.

She then released a couple of single tracks by collaborating with other renowned artists. Next came her seventh release, a single track collaboration with Andy Anderson, former drummer of The Cure, Iggy Pop and more; with guitarist Mark Montalto. The track title is "Eyes Roll Back." The official release date was June 29, 2015. It blends post-punk guitars and drums with synthesizers.

Her eighth release was a double single, titled "F*ck, Rinse, Repeat" and "Burn."Both tracks are a collaboration with Dirk Ivens, Belgian electro-industrial pioneer from the bands Absolute Body Control, Dive, and The Klinik. Vix's ninth release was a single track titled "I Don't Trust You". This is yet another collaboration with the former drummer ofThe Cure, Andy Anderson. Officially released on June 29, 2015. "I Don't Trust You" opts for a dark synthpop meets trip-hop approach. " The Tenth release was a single track, titled "Hands On My Heart (Waiting)." It was released on August 29, 2015, and it is available exclusively on Bandcamp.

Her eleventh release was a 5 track EP titled "Strange Buildings." It features two collaboration tracks, "The Woman with No Fear" and "Weirdo", with the original guitarist of The Psychedelic Furs, John Ashton. It was officially released on November 17, 2015.

There is also a cover version (tribute) of "Mouth To Mouth," by The Glove; available exclusively on YouTube. Vix has also contributed vocals and music tracks for Bob Robertson's singing skeleton group, Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers; also featured on YouTube.

Vix's debut release was reviewed in the Kurt Cobain memorial issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, #683, on June 2, 1994, prior to its official release. Her track "Devils Chasing Angels" from her 1995 debut album was featured on a CMJ New Music Monthly CD compilation in February 1995, VOL. 18, alongside tracks by Throwing Muses, The Stone Roses and more. There was a full page ad in the magazine and a short review of her track. She was on the cover of Boston, MA, Noise magazine, and was the feature story; feature 291, April 22, 2009. The video for "Vampires" was animated by cartoonist and writer, Scott Bateman.

In September 2014, Vix collaborated on a single track with guitarist Marco Pirroni, formerly of Adam and the Ants, Rema Rema and The Models. The track is a cover version of Shirley Collins' "Turpin Hero" and it is featured on the digital download of the compilation album "Shirley Inspired", official UK releases date 8 June, 2015. She has also contributed 3 royalty free tracks to the PBS (New England) series "Hit and Run History", featuring Andrew Giles Buckley. The series is on the Boston PBS Channel 2 (WGBH) official website, and it has appeared on Rhode Island PBS channel 36. Vix also recorded vocals on tracks by Rodney Linderman, known as Rodney Anonymous, of the band The Dead Milkmen in 2014.

On January 20th, 2016, Vix performed live, in studio, at WBRU FM, 95.5, in Providence, RI, featuring John Ashton; original guitarist of The Psychedelic Furs, on guitar, and Paul LF on bass guitar.

Vix's new EP, titled "6," is scheduled for release on May 3, 2019. The music video, for the first single, "Ride," is on YouTube. 


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Quick Update

The new video, for Electropop track, "Ride," the first single from the new EP, is here! Jenn Vix - Ride. The new EP, titled "6," was released, worldwide, on 3 May, 2019! It is on Spotify, and all streaming and retail sites. The new music video for "Rover," the second single from "6," drops in early August, 2019, on YouTube!