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by The Sound of the Possessed

Released 2017
Umbrella Music Co.
Released 2017
Umbrella Music Co.
Jenn Vix's psychedelic garage experience. Moody, dark, intense, and loud!
The new psychedelic rock side project, from Jenn Vix. Vix has released multiple albums and singles, and has previously worked with other artists, such as Reeves Gabrels; former guitarist for the late David Bowie, as well as current guitarist of The Cure. She has also worked with John Ashton; former guitarist of The Psychedelic Furs, Marco Pirroni; guitarist of Adam and the Ants, Dave Barbarossa; drummer of Bow Wow Wow and Adam and the Ants, and Dirk Ivens; of Absolute Body Control, The Klinik, and Dive.

"Intense" features drumming by Jan Jurgielewicz IV.