Jenn Vix is in a new Duo, titled Feeney Vix, with guitarist, Feeney. The new EP, "ORANGE is the color of OUR DISCONTENT" drops on 16 October, 2020, on all streaming sites.


The new singles and music videos, for "Ride," and "Rover," are currently in promotion by Publicist, Rey Roldan, of Reybee Inc. The new EP, titled "6," is available at all streaming sites; Spotify, Apple Music, as well as Amazon etc...


April 26, 2018: New pictures uploaded.


Tonight, June 16, 2017, Vix's side band, The Sound Of The Possessed, was featured on Sirius XM, national satellite radio, on the program, Goldie's Garage, with host and DJ, Genya Ravan! She said that the new track should be a hit, and that it reminds her of the early music of CBGB, in NYC!


The new EP, titled "Unlocked," is scheduled for release to media in late summer, of 2017; for the media, and to the public in early Autumn. It features John Ashton, former guitarist of The Psychedelic Furs, on guitar on the title track, and a remix and redux of "Complicated Man," the first single, by guitarist of The Veldt, Danny C. Chavis.